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Red Eyes, The War On Drugs

I Am Trying To Break Your Heart (the making of Yankee Hotel Foxtrot), Wilco

The Thanks I Get, Jeff Tweedy

Sturgill Simpson performing “Long White Line” at Music City Roots live from the Loveless Cafe on 10.30.13

"First Kiss" by WREN

Music by Soko “We Might be Dead Tomorrow”

"In other days, I understood mountains differently, seeing in them something that abides.  Even when approached respectfully (to challenge peaks as mountaineers do is another matter) they appalled me with their ‘permanence,’ with that awful and irrefutable rock-ness that seemed to intensify my sense of my own transience.  Perhaps this dread of transience explains our greed for the few gobbets of raw experience in modern life, why violence is libidinous, why lust devours us, why soldiers choose not to forget their days of horror:  we cling to such extreme moments, in which we seem to die, yet are reborn.  In sexual abandon as in danger we are impelled, however briefly, into that vital present in which we do not stand apart from life, we are life, our being fills us; in ecstasy with another being, loneliness falls away into eternity.  But in other days, such union was attainable through simple awe.”

Peter Matthiessen, The Snow Leopard

Sturgill Simpson, You Can Have the Crown / Some Day

Old Crow Medicine Show, Sweet Amarillo